Kam's Growers Supply

Organic growth through helpful, authentic and timely content.

Kam's Growers Supply

Kam's Growers Supply

One of North America's largest growers and suppliers of fresh mushrooms and mushroom products

Services we provided

Social media strategy, Social media management, LinkedIn company page management, Content creation, Graphic design

The Ask

As one of the most successfully grower supply companies in Ontario, Kam’s Grower Supply was failing to show up online and was quickly falling behind the smaller, less experienced competition. They needed to not only create a presence on social, but share their vast expertise and knowledge on LinkedIn to remain relevant and top of mind for their customers and clients.

Our Answer

Real Food Creative created social profiles on Instagram & Facebook and took over the management of the company LinkedIn page. We created helpful, authentic and timely content for their company page as well as armed their salespeople with relevant, relatable and valuable content to share on their own LinkedIn/social networks.


  • We grew LinkedIn followers organically grew from 32 to 1,077 in 20 months.
  • Over 148,000 organic impressions on LinkedIn had been made.
  • Followers engaged with the content 15,858 times.
  • Maintained an above-average engagement rate per impression of 9% on LinkedIn.
  • Links received a total of 11,646 clicks.
  • Company page content was frequently shared by sales staff and in-house agronomists to extend and highlight their own personal experiences and expertise.

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